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7 Health And Nutrition Tips Actually Supported By Research

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

1. Make sure you get enough sleep

The importance of getting enough sleep cannot be stressed enough.

Poor sleep is one of the strongest individual factors for weight gain and obesity.

2. Limit Sugary Drinks

Drinks like sodas, fruit juices, and sweetened teas are the primary source of added sugar in the American diet. Sugary beverages are also harmful to children and contribute to obesity, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

3. Avoid Ultra-Process Foods

Ultra-Process Foods are foods that contain ingredients that are significantly modified from their original form. They often include additives like added sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colors.

Examples includes:

· Fast food

· Frozen Meals

· Chips

· Snack Cakes

In addition to having low quality ingredients, they are mostly empty calories and are usually low in fiber, protein, and micronutrients.

4. Eat Plenty Of Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which have positive health effects. Studies show that people who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to live longer and have a lower risk of heart disease and other illnesses.

5. Stay Active

Doing exercise or cardio is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. It helps diminish belly fat that may build up around your organs. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, a person should strive for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity every week.

6. Nurture Your Social Relationships

Friends, family and loved ones are important for your mental health and physical health.

Studies have shown that people with close friends and family are healthier and live much longer than those who don’t.

7. Don’t Smoke Or Use Drugs, And Only Drink In Moderation

Smoking, alcohol abuse and harmful use of drugs can have a serious negative affect on your health. If you do any of these consider cutting back or quitting all together to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

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