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Our Mission

Build client networks/relationships with tailored solutions to drive on-going success and growth in an intricate healthcare system industry.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide robust health care management solutions in an ever-changing industry.  We help leaders with their organization’s most critical issues and opportunities.  Together, we create enduring change with meaningful results.

About Us

Founded in 1983,

Association Health Care Management, Inc. has maintained our own TPA license giving us an advantage when maneuvering through the intricate healthcare system. With this, we have helped program managers, insurance carriers, benefit providers and associations develop and implement a variety of healthcare solutions. AHCM provides member assistance through our customer support team, in-house fulfillment operation and access to a unique member portal with details about their plan.

What is TPA and what is its

role in the industry?


TPA stands for Third Party Administrator.  A TPA is an organization within the insurance industry which administers services to other companies such as customer service, claims processing, benefit plans, customer relations management, etc.

  • Licensed TPA Organization

  • Experienced strengthening resource(s) for company growth & sustainability

Our role in the health care management process/industry

Done Deal

Our Industry Footprints

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Member Management

Customer Service



Insurance Consultation


Plans Design

Business Meeting

Third Party 


Business Meeting



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